Game Of The Week: Niagara North vs. Southern Tier

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Our first Game of the Week comes out of the SCTA. Intern SCTA scout Ryan Stacey was on hand on Wednesday, September 13 for the matchup between the Niagara North Stars and Southern Tier Admirals and filed the following report:

Game Report: Southern Tier Admirals 1 @ Niagara North Stars 3

Location: Seymour-Hannah Sports and Entertainment Centre, St. Catharines

Date: September 13, 2017 @ 9:00 PM

#12 Brendan Kowaleski, Niagara North Stars

Kowaleski was an extremely effective player for the Niagara in this game. He was a force to be wreckoned with, taking no prisoners and hitting every moving player on the Admirals. On the forecheck Kowaleski was relentless and was a pest to defenders, forcing their hand to make passes to teammates before they were ready to do so. In the defensive end, he made smart plays throughout as he effectively dumped the puck off the boards, started breakouts by finding his teammates striving up ice or simply caring it out himself and getting it deep. On one powerplay, Kowaleski battled hard at the top of the crease and showed a willingness to take repeated shots just to get a tip on net which he managed to do. Overall, he displayed great effort throughout this game.

#6 Michael Craig, Niagara North Stars

Craig was as sound as they come defensively in this one showing he can be counted on to make the right play. While he didn’t show much in terms of puck skills, Craig made smart plays all night creating breakout after breakout with his partner and repeatedly hitting his forwards with good clean, tape to tape passes. When forwards weren’t available, Craig again would use his partner to re-create potential breakouts or use his own solid skating ability to take the puck out of his own end. Craig was also able to get the puck on net multiple times for tip and potential rebounds in this game showing just how solid he is on the back end for Niagara.

#26 Ethan Simms, Niagara North Stars

Ethan Simms brought his all-around game for this one. While it wasn’t the offence-packed game most had hoped for, Simms was able to get the puck down low and worked well with linemates Spencer Smith and Joel Chauvin to create a lot of scoring chances. Fired a bullet of a wrist shot from the hashmarks that displayed the full power of his wrist shot. What impressed me in this game was Simms’s defensive efforts as he was using his body effectively, back checking and covering for his defenders, and really making it difficult for the Admirals to get into the high scoring areas. A customary all-around solid effort from the North Stars forward.

#30 Nico Balice, Southern Tier Admirals

This game was very close until the very end and netminder Nico Balice had a lot to do with that. A goalie with a big frame, Balice was effective in fighting a high amount of traffic in this one. Over and over he seemed to be able to see through the storm in front of the net and swallow pucks with ease. When pucks were flying and desperation was needed, he was willing to stop the puck with whatever he could and even dove into the bodies to cover the puck when he needed to. He eventually let players know how he felt about the traffic, getting in the face of some of Niagara’s players. Aside from an unlucky bounce off the post and then off his back which resulted in a goal, Balice was solid and could only be beaten after an array of high quality shots from all angles. If this is a glimpse of what he will bring this season, the Admirals staff should be smiling from ear to ear.

#7 Alex Blanchard, Southern Tier Admirals

Alex Blanchard caught my eye in this game because of the simple fact that when frustration seemed to cut in for his teammates on some of the Niagara attacks, Blanchard seemed to be a calming presence and continued to make good plays when the opportunities were there. Time after time, Blanchard used the boards to get pucks out of his end and when on the attack he held the line very well, keeping attacks going for his team. While not a lot was shown offensively, he released a powerful slap shot on net midway through the game, showing there is offensive potential there. It will be interesting to see just how much offence will become a part of his game as the season moves forward.

#10 Dylan Dekoe, Southern Tier Admirals

Dekoe was a bright spot for the Admirals forwards in this game as he made a lot of good passes which let to good offensive opportunities for his squad. He showed off his great skating ability leading rushes down ice and doing everything he could to get into prime scoring areas. On the defensive end, Dekoe clogged lanes and used his stick effectively to break up passes. A good game to start the season for the Admirals forward.



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